Thursday, July 30, 2015

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The face of legal immigration: Gang Deng Majok & Johnny Ouch arrested for murdering varsity football player in Maine

Police charged a second man Monday in the shooting death of a

Scarborough teenager and the wounding of another man at a recording studio in Portland’s Old Port two months ago.

Gang Deng Majok, 30, of Portland was arrested at 14 Gooch St. in Saco at 4:15 p.m., police said. Johnny Ouch, 20, of Westbrook was arrested on July 16. They are both charged with murder and elevated aggravated assault and are being held without bail at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland.

Gang Deng Majok, left, and Johnny Ouch, right, are charged in the killing of Treyjon Arsenault in a Portland recording studio in May.
Nancy Laxson, mother of Treyjon Arsenault, who was killed in the shooting, said Monday evening that she was thrilled to hear of Majok’s arrest. Police have not identified the 20-year-old Portland man who was wounded.

“With (Majok’s) arrest and Johnny Ouch’s, it’s two more people off the streets that won’t hurt anyone else,” said Laxson, who intends to be in court in connection with the case whenever possible.

“I want them to look at me. I want them to see me and see what a good mother I am and the love I have for my child, and how dare they take him away from me!” she said.

Laxson said neither man was acquainted with her son as far as she knew.

Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said Portland officers have worked hard on the case, and he thanked law enforcement from other jurisdictions – including Saco, Biddeford and the U.S. Marshals Service – for helping catch Majok.

“It’s always incredibly important to get dangerous people off the street and out of our community,” Sauschuck said. “In the scope of things, (homicides) are rare in the state of Maine and certainly in the city of Portland. When these things happen in...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Girls With Guns - Walk Softly And Carry A Bazooka...

Why Did The Pilgrims Leave Europe?

Freed Illegal Alien RAPES 14 Year Old Little Girl, Murders Another, Tries to Murder More... Thanks MEXICO

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- Alleged shooter Juan Emmanuel Razo was arraigned this afternoon in Painesville Municipal Court.

Judge Michael Cicconetti set his bond at $10 million and set Monday for a preliminary hearing.

Razo was charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a woman who was walking on the Greenway Corridor bike path with two children. She was shot in the left arm and was treated at TriPoint Medical Center.

Prosecutors and the Lake County Sheriff's Office said at the arraignment that they are expecting to further charge Razo with the attempted rape in Concord of a 14-year-old girl, the murder of Margaret "Peggy" Kostelnik in her home on Ravenna Road and with shooting at law enforcement officers when they tried to apprehend him Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors and the sheriff's deputies stated in court that Razo "gave a full confession to deputies."

Razo was represented by a public defender who entered a "not guilty" plea on his behalf.

The sheriff's department also recounted that on July 7, Razo was detained regarding a...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Girls With Guns

Behead Those That Insult Bacon...

More critical issues about bacon:

Bacon Decision Chart

What Is Life Really Like in North Korea? One Woman’s Story

As the left strives for a utopian leftist existence, they do not need to look far for an example.

As a child growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee believed that her country was the best on the planet.

She believed that Americans were evil, South Koreans were starving to death and North Koreans were better off than everybody else. Every North Korean believes this.

She discusses this at length in her new novel, “The Girl With Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story,” and spoke with The Daily Signal about her experiences as well.

As Lee explains, propagandized since birth, the people of North Korea know nothing of what life is like outside their own borders. The brutal dictatorships of Kim Jong-un and his predecessors Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung have socially engineered a system void of any freedoms whatsoever, and have positioned themselves as the sole source of information in the country.

“Three generations of Kim regime leadership brutally repressed the people, to the point where the North Korean people don’t even realize that there is something beyond North Korea,” said Olivia Enos, research associate in the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation. “And it’s not getting better.”

There is a complete lack of freedom of thought and belief in the North Korea Lee grew up in: no freedom of the press, no freedom of movement and no freedom of speech. Nights are pitch-black due to power outages or lack of electricity, neighbors and friends are encouraged to spy on one another and becoming pregnant by a Chinese man is punishable by death.

Life gets infinitely worse for anyone who speaks out against the regime in...

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