Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Three Stooges...

The snake who really bit off more than it could chew: Centipede EATS its way out viper's stomach

 Unlucky: A snake was found dead with a centipede's head sticking out of its abdomen in Macedonia last year by a group of researchers who reported their findings in a journal published in March
Freedom was so close, yet so far for this centipede. After being swallowed whole by a snake, it made one last desperate attempt to escape by eating its way out of her stomach on Golem Grad, Macedonia. Researchers believe that the 20cm young snake may have underestimated the size of the prey and paid a fatal price.

Rugged Individualism...

Morning Mistress - Smoking RedHead....

Video: And Then???

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

Midnight Movies: Little Quentin

Friday, April 18, 2014

Girls With Guns

US Government mockups of how Hitler could have disguised himself (1940s)

Zombie Prepping - COMPLETE!

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Nut Job Vegans Make Website And Threaten Ex-Vegans Tempted By The Fruit Of Another Piece Of Bacon

I hope you choke on a vegan pizza while crying over a lady gaga song.....

Please do not View this Post unless you are a Vegan

Anne Hathaway's Descent Into Madness

Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters

Pablo Escobar, an infamous drug kingpin, and his son in front of The White House in the early 1980s

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What Happens When You Use A Ranged Weapon Up Close?

A Well Armed Militia Is To Keep Government Honest...

Study: Undocumented Immigrants Get 100% Of Their Illegal Drugs From Unlicensed Pharmacists.

Please note, there is a controversy swirling about calling drugs "illegal".  In the interest of egalitarian principles, from this point on we will call them Undocumented Medications. 

The sale of these undocumented medications from unlicensed pharmacists to undocumented immigrants is leading to crime and sometimes murder of the disenfranchised undocumented immigrants by Mexican drug cartels..  Ok, I just got word from my editor, I can no longer use the word "crime", I need to start using the word, "illegal punishment", wait, new ruling, I need to call it, "undocumented deterrent", and murder must now be called, premature termination by the dispossessed resulting from white privilege.  Ok, we can no longer use the phrase "Mexican Drug Cartels", new word, "oppressed, struggling third world entrepreneur collective.

Oppressed, struggling third world entrepreneur collective groups are engaging in premature termination by the dispossessed resulting from white privilege on undocumented immigrants when attempting to buy undocumented medications from unlicensed pharmacists.

Ok, I give up. Can I say the word cat?  I can say cat?  Next article, I am posting cute cat selfies!!

If C Is For Commie, What Does D Stand For?

Dirty Commie.

Hate Commies?

Know Your Communist Genocides...